Company Profile

Company Name: PGS Corporation
#804 Tokyo Aoyama Heights
5-10-5 Minami Aoyama, Minato-ku
Tokyo, 107-0062, Japan
Phone: +81-3-6805-1212 (Representative)

Capital: JPY 10 Million
Year Established: October 2005
Representative Director & CEO : Kazunori ISHIBASHI

BIO: Kazunori ISHIBASHI (Mr.)
1991 - 2001: Polaroid Japan
2001 - 2004: Kodak Japan
Technologies Coverage and Product Development History:
・ Macro ∞ (Footage of vehicle parking identification: delivered for the National Police Drug Drug Control Section)
・ Fingerprint Camera 103 (Joint Development / Kanagawa Prefectural Police)
・ Illegal Vehicle Number Plate Identification Camera System
・ Keyhole Search Camera (joint development with TOKYO Metropolitan Police Department)
・ Footprint Camera (joint development with Tochigi Prefectural Police)
・ Infrared Camera for Nighttime Control (joint development with TOKYO Metropolitan Police Department)

2005 ~: PGS Corporation established
・ Write-protected Card Write-protected Media SD Card for trial evidence
Planning "New Media Planning", proposed to SanDisk Corporation and Japanese National Police Agency.
・ San Disk launched a write-once shooting medium "SD WORM CARD" on product base.

・ Launched selling "PGS WORM CARD" write-once shooting medium(August 2016)


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