Camera app -Hash Shot-

You can prove that the evidence data has not been deleted.

(The hash value will change if you change the order or delete it.)

Hash Shot is an application that calculates a hash value, which is called a fingerprint of digital data, immediately after a photo is taken to ensure that the data has not been tampered with and to prevent fake news, etc. 

(Added black and white inversion function)


For photography of cyano etc.

Added black and white inversion function (inversion)

For example, "Hash Shot" is used when


 in civil and criminal trials

Digital photo proof




 Original proof of artwork


 Applying for insurance for vehicle repairs


 For recording and proving construction photos

  [Overview] As you know, protecting society from disadvantages and damages caused by image data tampering is a global issue. 


“Hash Shot" is the world's first application that allows anyone to easily "prove originality" and "verify tampering" by using "hash values," which are said to be fingerprints of digital data. PGS Corporation (Location: Minato-ku, Tokyo) developed the "Hash Shot" application to solve this problem as the first company to plan the "tamper-proof media" that can only be written once, which is currently used by the Japanese police and other authorities. Using "Hash Shot," it is possible to determine if an image has been tampered with by referring to the unique hash value of the image data, which is calculated immediately after the image is taken. (The hash value is calculated using the SHA256 formula.) ☞ International patent pending Until now,


it has been extremely difficult to prove that nothing has been altered (originality), but "Hash Shot" makes it possible by using the hash value as a "unique data fingerprint. For example, a photo that has been tampered with after output can easily be tampered with by referring to the hash value recorded on the smartphone. Also, by referring to the index of the hash value, the order in which the photos were taken can be confirmed.



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