Product Feature of ”PGS WORM CARD"

・ It can be used with SD WORM (*) compatible equipment with data tamper prevention function
It is a one time memory card
* SD WORM is SanDisk's anti-aliasing one-time memory card
In addition, refer to the list of available devices for compatible devices

・ Because it can only write corresponding host equipment, it can be used as proof of photographs such as scientific investigation ・ forensic medicine etc. which is required for high image authenticity (facts photographed without fail by the camera, no alteration)

・ The data once written on this writable photographing medium is structurally different from the recorded image Editing, processing and erasing are impossible

・ It is not possible to paste images from a PC on this writable photographing medium

・ This write-once type photographing medium can not be initialized

・ As a general host device, it operates as a ROM card
Reading is possible, but writing is impossible

・ Write protect switch for preventing erroneous erasing ・ Overwrite prohibition is not attached




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