June 2016
Dear all,
                                                                                              P G S Corporation

                           - Notice of "PGS WORM CARD" Release -

As a proof of preservation of electrophotographic data from PGS Corporation,
SD card "PGS WORM CARD" with data tamper prevention function will be released as follows.

"PGS WORM CARD" is once writable photographing medium that can be recorded and saved by SD WORM compatible equipment.

PGS WORM CARD can be written in only the corresponding host device, it can be used as evidence of scientific investigation, forensic medicine etc. that is required for high image authenticity (the fact that there is no doubt shooting with that camera, no change) .

Once written data can not be deleted / altered (written to data etc.), overwritten, renamed, image information can not be changed or initialization is impossible regardless of means such as camera and PC.
PGS WORM CARD can not paste additional images on PC as well.
Also, these can not be done on SD WORM host equipment.

SD host device, it operates as a ROM card. Although reading is possible, writing is impossible.


 Main specifications of PGS WORM CARD

· SD WORM CARD host device compatible
· Electrical specifications: SD Specification Part 1 Physical Layer
Ver.2.00 compliant
· Memory capacity: 988 MB (1 MB = 100,000 bytes) Generic 1 GB
· Input power supply: 2.7 V to 3.6 V
· Outer dimensions: 32.0 mm × 24.0 mm × 2.1 mm
· Mass: Approximately 2 g

* This specification may be changed without notice. Please contact us for the latest information.